Bill Haley

For 20 years Joe "Bill" Clifton has been spending his life together with his big musical idol. He doesn't play Haley - he lives Haley. Not for nothing a Swiss fan thanked him after a concert with the words: "Your father was great, but you are awesome!"

His actor-classes are a benefit for his work with the audience. As a perfect Master of Ceremonies he chats with the audience, always inventing new links to the next title, funny and surprising in a way keeping the people laughing the whole time through - or did you really know before that Duke Ellington's "Caravan" started as a warship beat in ancient Rome 2000 years ago!?

But main thing are his well-done interpretations of all the famous Haley titles in original sound, but always with his own color - a real Rock'n'Roller full of power, a "steam engine of Rock'n'Roll" as he was named by the music press.